Common questions we often get asked. Don’t see your question? Please send us a direct message or an Email.

Do you work with new/small companies?

Yes!  We love working with small companies to meet their business needs.

Can you do very simple twist-off, plastic, and clear bottle packing container​?

Yes!  We can do a wide range of bottling types and styles.

What type of filling can you do?

We only provide hot-fill production at this time, no cold fill.

Can produce carbonated drinks?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide carbonated fill at this time.

Can you produce alcoholic drinks?

We can not provide alcoholic drink production.

What types of packing containers can you use in production?

We can bottle both GLASS and PLASTIC packing containers.

What size bottles can you use in your production?

We can bottle using 8 to 32 oz bottles?

What size opening (closure) can you support?

Our facility can use 38/mm caps on our bottles.

Is there a minimum order size?

We can create orders as small as 1000 gallons in a batch.

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