A State-Of-The-Art High Speed (600 BPM) Hot & Cold Fill Beverage Production Facility

  • SBG can run most light weight non pulp products including juice in either hot or cold fill
  • SBG is USDA NOP organic certified by Oregon Tilth and OU kosher compliant.
  • SBG Bottles: SBG can run most bottles in PET, and glass from 8oz to 32oz (note: all glass will be in regular height 38mm lug cap).

Run both round and square bottles, the latter at slower speed Multiple batching tanks up to 6000 gallon.

  • Single strength Beverage runs, no flow mix for syrup.
  • Batching is done using a 630 gallon variable speed high sheer mixer.
  • 12” x 50” cooling tunnel.
  • In-house micro testing for yeast & mold, Total Plate Count and coli form.
  • City water sourced from 4 Springs with UV sterilization and filtration.

Packaging Services/capabilities

  • Labels: SBG can run most label materials with advanced notice.
  1. Roll Fed Film
  2. Shrink Sleeve
  3. Pressure Sensitive
  4. Cut & Stack – very small runs only

Filler speeds up to 600 bottles per minute.

  1. High Speed 600 Bottle Per Minute Hot Fill Line – Capacity 8,000 12-pack cases per 8-hour shift. Can run Cold Fill as well
  2. High Speed 600 Bottle Per Minute Cold Fill Line – only partially installed

Caps: SBG can run most 28mm & 38mm caps in PP and metal lug caps in 38mm.



  • Tray Pack: SBG can run product in 12 & 24 pack trays with clear or print registered film.
  • Variety Packs - (“Rainbow”)

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