Meet the Team


Geoffrey Soares


30+ years manufacturing experience;

Prior experience as President of a Petroleum Refining Company, CFO of an Airplane Manufacturing Company, Developer of Renewable Energy & Action Sports projects;

Extensive Business Development, Project Management, & Capital Raising experience since 1989

Deepak P.

Manager Quality Assurance

20+ years manufacturing & executive experience, in the Beverage Industry with 2 years at the Marion plant.

Prior Quality Control experience with Coca Cola International

Rohan Soares

General Manager/Controller

Abner James

Manager – Supply Chain & Tech Support

History of Plant

100+ Year History of Beverage Bottling in Marion, VA, From The Marion Bottling Company (1905)
To Summit Beverage Group (2013)

1905-1907 - Marion Bottling Company founded by J.L. Thornton in Marion, VA;

January 1929 - Marion Bottling Company incorporated with 5 employees;

February 1929 – signed franchise with National Pepsi-Cola Corporation of Richmond, VA;

1929  -  Annual Case Sales of 34,490; Annual Revenue of $25,868; Annual Profit of $432.97;

April 1931 – New Bottling Plant opened on N. Main St – cost of $6,870 – expanded 11 times and home until 1968;

June 1931 – National Pepsi-Cola Corporation goes bankrupt & ceases operation;

1931 - Roy C. Megargel of NY acquires Pepsi-Cola trademark, formula, and goodwill for $10,000;

December 1935 – franchise agreement signed with new Pepsi Cola;

1941 - Annual Case Sales grow to 497, 613 in 1941….a 13 fold increase from 37,643 in 1935;

1955 – Annual Case Sales of Pepsi-Cola exceed 1 Million and Annual Revenue exceeds $1 million for the first time;

1957 – Mountain Dew created by the Tip Corporation of America in Marion, VA;

1964 – Pepsi-Cola acquires the Tip Corporation of America and rights to Mountain Dew;

1965 – Marion Bottling Company starts to bottle Mountain Dew;

September 1968 – New Plant opening at 211 Washington Avenue – Special Guest Joan Crawford, Pepsi-Cola Director;

1971 – Acquires Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Marion, VA;

1983 – Payroll grows to 179 employees;  Marion Bottling Company sold to R.K.O Pepsi-Cola Bottlers;

2004  - Pepsi-Cola opens a new plant in Wytheville, VA and shuts down Marion plant among others;

2005 – Ernie Sullins, a local Marion businessman, acquires the empty Pepsi building;

2008 -2010 – First Fruits Beverage Company invests $6.2 million to refurbish building & install High Speed Hot Fill Line;

2012 – First Fruits Beverage Company assets sold to Trinity Bottling Company which ceases operations in December;

2014 – Summit Beverage Group LLC acquires 2nd High Speed Cold Fill Line to be operational August 2014

2015 – Summit Beverage Group LLC acquires 200,000 sq ft external warehouse too offer long term central storage for customers and to free up space in the existing 100,000 q ft plant for expansion. Summit Beverage Group LLC acquires First Fruits/Trinity Bottling assets & recommences bottling operation;

2016 – Summit Beverage Group LLC acquires 4th Labeler – a new dual head Pressure Sensitive labeler with both wrap and front & back label capability.